Friday, February 17, 2012

Tacket Binding

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend an Embroiderer’s Guild day workshop on Tacket Binding. The tutor was  HEATHER HUNTER        whose work ‘Washed Up’, with a whirlwind binding, was the inspiration for the format of my book made for the final exhibition during my Diploma course. As I don’t get to the regular meetings due to work commitments it was a treat to attend the workshop. I must admit it was something of a distraction as I am trying to be more focused on my theme this year, but sometimes you just have to eat all the chocolates at once.

My binding is unfinished but well on its way. If you get the chance to attend a workshop with Heather I would recommend her patience and experience as a tutor. This is one of her examples:

Tacket Binding is a very old form of binding in which documents were bound into paper or vellum covers in a way which meant that the papers could be taken out and replaced by new documents. The tackets act as a sort of staple.

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