Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Burning and piercing.

Last Saturday was the final day of the Transform, Change, and Disintegrate workshop with Louise Baldwin. It was a very interesting course following a theme with ones’ own imagery and techniques, which produced a wide variety of work. It is so helpful to have a tutor to help you sort out what’s good and what’s not working, I like a tutor who is prepared to both encourage and tell you what needs to be worked on.

 My ‘sample’ with the waxed and holed paper had improved but was suffering from me trying to frame the edges and so this was easily rectified in a course which is about disintegrating, with a bit of careful ripping. I added the line which was so clear on the close up of the rabbit’s scull.

These are some of the papers, including receipts, which I burned, pierced and then waxed.
My new favourite tools is a Japanese Hole Punch which I have been looking at with envy for some time. I decided that life was too short to go without and bought myself one. A wise decision.
I also had both a basic go and a demonstration from Louise as to how I could progress if only I had an embellisher; so watch this space.


  1. A really beautiful piece. The burning adds a really natural element to the piece. Glad to have found your blog.
    Cheers, Jo

  2. lovely piece ....interesting....x

  3. These are lovely, the burnt edges are wonderful. I should get my book binding punch out more often, it looks similar...


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