Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A productive workshop.

I am really pleased with the work done by the people on this five week workshop
which finished today - despite some heavy snow in my local area. I came down
the slope along the track from my garage with great trepidation, but the main roads
 were clear. On the way back I got half way up the track when my poor car refused
to go any further and we had to back down. Still it was a good morning.

Here is some of their work. I was particularly pleased with how sketchbooks
 were started with samples to go back to for the future.

Melanie Testa has been inviting people to join in with her project sketching
 with a ruling pen on fabric. I haven't joined in but it has been interesting to see the
 results.This week she extolled the virtues of the Rapidograph pen and reminded me
 that I had one some twenty years ago. I spend many hours finding it, working out
 how to put it together and finaling cleaning the nib,which involved shower gel and a beading needle. Imagine my thrill when today, after a long soak it worked.
 So this is for Melanie(see my links).

I know this post is set out very strangely. Blogger is having a
strange afternoon, and I have given up trying to set it out more neatly.


  1. I like your work very much!
    I became follower number 111 !! :)

  2. Lovely work, must feel good to have lots of satisfied workshopees!

    I'll have to sit down with Melanie T when I'm not too tired & read about her lines properly - enjoyed her book found second hand recently.

  3. They look really useful sketchbooks. Something to go back to and add to. I think I need to start a new sketchbook but maybe I just need to dig out some of the old ones.


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