Friday, December 31, 2010

'Persian Palaces' 2

Coming up to Christmas I was working hard on the Persian Palaces hanging and even liked it at times, but I must say that visitors ,eating, eating and more of the same has certainly slowed things down and I will now have to make a real effort to get going again. Not that I won’t be working on something but I could so easily get distracted; it will be easier I think to keep focused as I am making the hanging for a definite audience.

Isn't one of the best parts when you see all the possible colours and threads together?
I put the sari ribbon up against the background and decided that I liked the idea of an almost stripped affect and have stitched words onto some of the strips. These came from a random book page I used in my sketchbook. In some ways the figures are making their way through the Persian Palaces, and it is hard to say if they are threatening or coming to help, but certainly ‘She will need help in the Persian Palaces’. Perhaps there is a fire.

More in 2011.

This year I have particularly enjoyed the blogs of the people in my links, I am quite addicted to Melanie Testa’s blog and do tend to look in on her ‘Every Single Day’.
The work of Jude Hill on Spirit Cloth and her atmospheric videos are inspiring.
Many more have suitably distracted me and given great pleasure. I thank them all, as I do
those who follow my progress and keep me blogging.Also a big thank you to the buyers of my book.
To those who stay a matter of seconds, manage to download several images, and never even comment - well the less said the better, but of course they will have no time to read this anyway!


  1. Hi, I hopped across from flickr to your blog, lovely to see your work. Monoprinting on fabric looks interesting, I love monoprinting on paper, mostly to make cards. Best wishes for 2011 I'll drop by again!

  2. I love your blog! It is a feast for the eyes. So nicely layed out ---- I am struggling with mine -- can't seem to get it to look as I would like it.

    Happy New Year!! Keep stitching! Keep Learning!!!!!

    Your work is wonderful!

  3. I'm sorry - afraid I'm one of those people who drop in often and don't comment. I used to feel it was only polite to express admiration, but got put off blog-commenting by another blogger who said she had realised that the people "met" through the blog were not real friends, meaning she must beware of feeling unduly flattered by enthusiastic comments from strangers. I understood what she meant, but I felt a little daunted and have rarely commented on anybody's blog since. But Jackie, I do hope you take my constant (tho' silent) visits as a sign of appreciation! And thank you!


Comments are always much appreciated. Thank you.

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