Friday, April 09, 2010

Video fun.

I really enjoy watching craft type videos at the moment; I am sure that for me it is an ideal way to learn. If you have ever filled in one of those questionnaires about learning styles, I must be a visual learner. Its not only the techniques, I also enjoy observing how people work, their setting and in general their accents and mannerisms.
My three favourites at the moment are the amazing Jude Hill on Spirit Cloth, (see links), I imagine many of you will have been avidly watching her technique for weaving strips of cloth and I see chequerboard patterns springing up across blog land.
Even more generously on You Tube you have three video lessons from Alicia Merrett showing how to cut and sew curved seams. If you Google her, she has an interesting website with information about her workshops in the Glastonbury area. She shares the whole process in a lovely clear manner and doesn’t try to sell us anything, other than wanting us to share the fun which, of course, I had to do after buying a new blade for my rotary cutter.

For a good laugh you can watch the phantom one handed felter here.

For no reason other than to be nice, Chris Gray has sent me some of her faux leather papers. Chris is to be admired for sticking to her ethnic theme and exploring it in her textiles and sketchbooks; so, not at all like me. I'm off to cut some more curved seams.

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  1. I like watching craft videos too but with all the blogs to read as little time! That faux leather is amazing.


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