Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cyrus' Cylinder Part 2

For my second piece for the ‘Made to Fit’ exhibition I made another version of Cyrus’ Cylinder, this time, influenced by my course with Louise Baldwin, I used various papers,including some very delicate Japanese papers, stitched into the seams around the cylinder. On some pieces of Vellum I printed either lines from the Bill of Rights, or some of the quotes from the actual cylinder.
On a trip to the British Museum I asked where I could see the cylinder but had a blank response. Fortunately in the Enlightenment Gallery, I found a number of incised cylinders and presumed one of them was the one I was looking for.

This is a piece I made in Louise Baldwin’s workshop which relates to the finished piece.
I stitched a piece of calico with a twin needle to get the shape of the cylinder. This is the inside, I stamped both sides with a handwriting stamp and added rolled beads made from book pages as in version one.

How to get the pieces to keep their shape; it was simple in the end, when I got the idea of using empty cardboard toilet rolls. I did paint them nicely with gesso.
Here is a tip if you haven’t thought of it already.

When I went to throw away my old window cleaning spray, I thought how useful the spray attachment looked.
Cut down it works well should you want a sprayed background, especially on the days when you haven’t enough puff for the diffuser or the tiny spray bottle is too fiddly.


  1. I struggle with one needle, let alone 2! Your work is lovely & the Louise B class one is surprisingly monochrome!

    What a good tip! I use garden spray bottles, too big & it never reaches to the bottom.

    A technical question, if you don't mind - what sewing machine do you use? I need to take the plunge & invest in a more up to date one, gulp!

  2. I love the cylinder!

  3. So fascinating. I love the textures and the sculptural element of the whole piece.

  4. I have just had some lovely dyna flo paints for my birthday and had a smilar idea to collect squirty bottles!


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