Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Stash

The good news is that I am working steadily through my stash of dyed, painted and printed fabrics, merrily cutting curved seams and making a variety of blocks to be used together at some stage. On the less sensible track I decided to dye some more material, in fact to use up most of my store of cotton and silk which I bought prepared for dyeing. I will have to look at Whaley’s updated price list so I can get tempted.

I don’t know about you, but the more I read about dye recipes the more confused I get. This is despite the fact that I once wrote a dyeing workshop for Workshop on the Web. I think it’s a bit like felt making, everyone seems to have their own pet method which tends to come over like it is written in stone. I have been watching the Complex Cloth DVD and decided to go back to basics. I have started with a low water immersion using an initial colour, binding the silk and cotton, and then intend to go for over dyeing for the next step. I am even using up my Procion Dyes which is another good thing as I have had them for a long time.

There were two enthusiastic people joined in the Doodles (Tadley) printing workshop this week. We printed on envelopes and old book pages using water based printing inks; by the end of the session there was some creative buss about and I enjoyed that very much.

I have put this together using a 'new' to me version of blogger,which should make it much easier to place pictures, when I get used to it. It was a steep learning curve for me when I started this blog, when I had to ring my son to check out how to insert code. Things have become much simpler since then, but I am stuck in  my ways, and felt a moments panic when the familar uploading was nolonger there.                   


  1. Love the scrap patches and new dyeing, Jackie.

    Re: Blogger, I just realized last night that they switched me, without my being aware of it, to the new posting format. Which I've always stayed away from. Recently I was having difficulty with photos and last night I discovered why. The new format is easier for placing photos, but the photo sizes are wonky--if you go large or extra large with the photo size, your photo will be cropped instead of just bigger size with the original ratio...and if you use borders, which you do and which I do, then with large photos, the border on the right side of the photo is missing.

    All in all, I think it's far worse than the original format. If you know any HTML, the old one is easy to tweak for those occasional needs.

    Good luck with it!

  2. Your stash looks yummy ...lovely colours ...Lorna

  3. Love the smokey pink & the vibrant pink! I'm off to see if I can find your dying workshop in my WoW archives!


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