Saturday, March 20, 2010

Private View

Last night we went to the Private View for the ‘Made to Fit’ exhibition which is in the newly refurbished Willis Museum until mid April. I think there was a greater mixture of techniques this year, probably less prints than last year. Most of the work is for sale and at affordable prices.
The format works very well, which is that all works have to fit into a CD case or to exact measurements if they are 3D. I understand that a new format is planned for next year. I am not always pleased with my work when I see it displayed, sometimes, what you have angst over for so long can look quite insignificant – at least that’s how I sometimes feel – but on this occasion I am pleased with my work and how it came together.

I will be posting more about how the two pieces were made and the thoughts behind them.
The Italian meal afterwards was good too, although so rich that I had to admit defeat on finishing the Gorgonzola and Gnocchi.

A word about my Header. I thought some Spring flowers would be nice. The stitching was some of the first I did when I started to embroider. I am amazed by the detail, but pleased that I can feel that my work has progressed.


  1. your work does fit in beautifully & I look forward to hearing more about the pieces. We had a similar CD thng as part of an exibition in a gallery near Inverness - next time I should try to enter a piece as I'm so into squares at the moment :)

  2. Your pieces are very striking and I look forward to reading the thoughts behind them. I also liked your "new" header. Very cheery.

  3. your pieces are lovely

  4. I have come straight home from your textile class and become a follower. The header is indeed very springlike and the colours are so vibrant. They had run out of leaflets to give out so will need to pop into shop again as they looked on web page but got stuck printing it out.

  5. the header IS lovely - i thought it was a real photo of a real garden at first glance, so nicely done!


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