Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Books

Here are some images of the books I have made for the mini book swap on

I used some remnants of leather I had for the covers and used pamphlet stitch to attach the pages made out of nice creamy paper.

The third ‘book’ is made up of pieces of scrap paper and business cards, including some of my own. I have a pile of these on my desk,collected at exhibitions, as I drool over other peoples’ work. The pictures are also to show my son that I do use the sewing cradle he made for me.

I hope the recipient will be pleased as I had fun making them.

On this blog Ann is writing about the workshops which I have organized at Doodles (Tadley). She made a lovely bag decorated with the silk carrier rods which we painted and Cretan Stitch. Last week we made pictures using Eyelet Stitch and wrapped rings. She has been v. creative with the results.
The next workshop is on Wednesday April 21st at 1-3pm. Called ‘Recycle/Reuse’ we will be making art on old book pages and there will be some buttons in the mix too.
I have three short online workshops running on HEN which can be joined at any time; ‘Painted Kantha’,'Printing with Found Objects’ and ‘Monoprint and Stitch'.


  1. I love these little books Jackie!...they look such fun to make.

  2. Such gorgeous little books.

  3. These books are adorable .....It's fantastic the swaps that we can take part in its such fun.....the internet has it's uses afterall ....thought it might have stifled creativity but it's quite the opposite .......happy makin'
    Lorna x

  4. These little books are cute. Can we do a workshop on how to make them? Thankyou for the link above.

  5. they are gorgous

  6. Wonderful book-treasure, thanks for sharing, your partner will be delighted! :)


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