Friday, March 12, 2010

The novelty of winning.

To cheer me up today I received an email from Heike Gerbig to tell me that I am one of three lucky people to win a virtual voucher towards a purchase from her new shop. You were asked to say what you would collect if you had all the money in the world, my choice was lovely handmade paper and hand stitched notebooks. I did make the point that I am well on my way to doing that anyway.

If you have not read her blog it is Gerdiary ;her handstitched work is beautiful in neutral calming colours. You can now browse her shop as well. I haven't bought anything yet, but I shall keep going back to get tempted.

I have been using White Matte Precoat InkAid recently and I must say it far out does Bubblejet Set for printing out images onto fabric. The only downside is that on calico it gives the fabric a quite rough not so pleasant finish for stitching.

The above image printed out wonderfully, the bit of stitching looking quite three dimensional and all the words legible. I currently like it so much I am recluctant to stitch on it; there is nothing to stop me making more prints, any size I wish. I am thrilled with the novelty at the moment, and of course with the novelty of being a winner.


  1. Lucky You!... the paper creation too :-)

  2. Hello + thanks + you deserve it...

  3. Lovely creation! Congratulations on your win.

  4. Congratulations Jackie. It's sure to be gorgeous whatever you choose from Heike's shop

  5. you do find the most interesting blogs!


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