Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spindle Tree

This is quite fun to work on – I must admit it took me a year to get round to taking the photographs.

In a drawing class we took some hedgerow ‘shrubs’ apart and drew the leaves, the thorns, fruit, etc. It was so long ago that I have lost the original drawings but you get the idea.

I then printed the drawings out on some thicker paper and made a little accordion book with the idea of putting in some photos of my chosen ‘shrub’ i.e. the Spindle Tree. Having been out blackberrying this week I remembered the project and brought home some pieces to photograph.


  1. It´s looks very beautiful! I can think it was very fun to do!

  2. The colours of spindles are so gorgeous . I love your book cover and am very glad I found your blog.

  3. Hi, how interesting is your book design I love things with torn edges..and your photography is lovely!

  4. It's wonderful and so totally "my bag" with the REDS and the berries. What a lovely thing to make for yourself. I would have loved to have seen the drawings some time, if you find them

    Hope you had a good weekend
    Best wishes


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