Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Generally messing about and needing to get out of the doldrums.

I was trying to remember how to make a felt bowl as it is a long time since I made one. Well this turned out tiny enough to make into a little pin cushion. I used the wool I brought back from Ireland and so tirelessly washed and combed – before finding it wasn’t much good for felting – to fill the pin cushion
I tied in tiny buttons to shape the edge and a piece of acquired dyed blanket for the top. So there you go.

Book give-away on the Hand Embroidery Network here.


  1. This is a lovely organic shape in a great colour.
    Hope you get out of the doldrums soon. I think the change of season might be effecting everyone!

  2. Hope the doldrums lift soon, all those lovely colours should help ...

    Carolyn x

  3. Hope the doldrums move on soon. i have an idea. Would you like to do a swap? We could make up some background/journal pages for designing on and swap them? cheap and easy to post but might just be the spark we both need....wont be offeneded if you say no.. buthave a think about it.


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