Monday, November 03, 2008

Lace plus.

This post is in response to a message from ewa-christine , from Sweden, asking about the background to my banner. I have to admit that it is no more than a sample which I never made in to anything. I just like to play about with techniques, which is a habit I can’t seem to break. The background is a piece of canvas to which I machined a variety of lace textures. I then painted them with acrylic paints.
In parts I added pieces of handmade paper.

To get this effect you machine a grid onto paper and then after wetting the paper rub away some parts. You can use any type of paper depending on the effect you want to obtain. This was a Val Campbell Harding technique.
In other places I added pieces of synthetic sheer which I had heated with a heat gun; they end up like pieces of distressed plastic, but look interesting when painted.
The other effect is to add Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel and after heating it emboss with a stamp.
I used a variation on this technique on this folder in which I keep my photos of New York. I added pieces of Chinese newspaper which I picked up there and used Acrylic Varnish to coat the surface.


  1. Hello and THANKS so much for this blogg today. I am pleased that you tell us about you Art....I love it very much!!!!!

  2. Thank you Jackie for sharing! I have also admir your banner as well! And so fun it was to read that it was Ewa-Chrisitne who asking, she is a friend of me, and we use to like the same :-)

  3. Its a lovely warm colour. Your banner has a nice mix of the contemporary with the traditional tools.


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