Monday, November 17, 2008

This piece is in celebration of both my recent holiday in Crete and a new book ‘Mixed Emulsions’ by Angela Cartwright. It is all about altered art techniques for photographs. I would recommend the book, although it is heavy on promoting products. The lace was given to me years ago by somebody I used to work with. Her aunt, who saved lots of buttons, thread and beads, must have been much like me and I think of both the friend and this lady I never knew as I continue to make use of all her treasures.
The photo was taken in Chania in Western Crete where there is a Turkish area with interesting narrow alley ways. I liked this door because of its colour and the white flowers surrounding it. The letter stuck in the metal grill was a bonus.
The background is mainly a piece of handmade paper. I finished the whole with acrylic wax. It was a popular talking point at my Christmas sale this weekend, but of course nobody bought it. As I had just made it I was just pleased that people liked it.


  1. It is GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL.... a great artwork!!

    Så förvånad jag blev, du talar svenska (på min blogg) och jag blev jätteglad.....du har en underbar blogg som jag följer så ofta jag kan. Nu har jag mer tid, så nu kan jag också kommentera mycket mer.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  2. Its a lovely piece and sometimes is good to have a piece that will knock the socks off and get people talking about something. They may not be able to buy the big thing but then they find a little thing to buy. Hopefully!


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