Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aritists book with print

This is the book which I made at the City Lit course in London over the last three Saturdays.
The images all relate to my drawings and photographs of the surrounding fields with bales of straw during the harvest.
The tutor suggested two ways to develop the images via print.Firstly using a plate rolled up and drops of parrafin and lavender oil dropped on. These were not really successful and I used one print for a slip cover for the book.
The second worked much better with some practice. It involved adding pva and carborundum to a plate made from drypoint paper. It was easy to rub away the gritty mixture when inking the plate, but the effect related to my drawings which were made by dropping Indian Ink on wet paper. We discussed various ways of adding the prints and I decided to use stitch , which was sort of appropriate for me.I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who lives near enough.


  1. That looks such an interesting piece. the prints have made images with real mood. Will you continue with that method or was it just to experiment? I think the symbols in such an interesting format would look really goo.

  2. Hello and wery nice to look into you blogg. It is easy for me to read english, but harder to wright. Hope you understand.....

  3. That looks wonderful! It sounds like a great course.


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