Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Using leaves

This is a post for Things Handmade who asked about possibly including pressed leaves and petals in a quilt. This little box was made some years ago, after I recieved some fabric flowers as part of a Christmas present and was sort of challenged to do something creative with them. The box is made of vylene and the leaves and a variety of fibres, flax, silk ,etc were added using Super Mend powder. I then free machined everything in place. At the same time I made a hanging for Poetry in Action which was hung in a number of public places, hospitals and such. I don't have it now but blogged about it here , March 2006.
Its fun to do and certainly lasts a few years with no deterioration; obviously not heirloom material.

Another method is to place petals and leaves between two pieces of bondaweb (taken off its backing) and sandwich between a piece of paper or material, with a sheer on top. Iron carefully,i.e protect your iron with greaseproof paper or similar.

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  1. Thanks for the post, I have been full of cold this week and have only just made it to the computer! As with lots of creative people I love the autumn leaves and wonder how to keep them. I think a wall ahnging with the leaves on would look great but I must not get distracetd from my list of things to do at the moment. ( that is my mantra at the moment!) I will store this idea in my head and one day it will pop into reality. thanks again for the post.


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