Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I’m planning to do a recycle/reuse theme with a group that I work with, so the idea of beads made from newspaper appealed. Its is quite labour intensive but fun the first time round. I gave up on the sandpapering which I think is the clue to getting a nice even surface, as you see mine are really craggy. I think they could be useful as dangles on a bag or even a hanging. I made holes in mine using my book binding awl which was quite easy. Here is the link, in case you have not already seen it and from there you can find the person who originated them on Flickr; hers are much nicer than my first (and probably last) attempt.

I have also been playing around with close ups and depth of field, in case you are wondering what these boring blob pictures are about.
I have been posting on the I Love Haberdashery Group on Flickr which is fun if you like old wooden cotton reels and that sort of thing.


  1. Hi Jackie, I just found you through Flickr, in the usual roundabout way. Your work is wonderful, I LOVE these newspaper beads. I've subscribed to your feed, so catch you later!

  2. Love that first picture with the bit of stitching.

  3. You have won an award, visit my blog for details


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