Friday, August 29, 2008

Coptic Stitch

I was able to borrow a copy of a book by Keith Smith which gives very detailed instructions on Non-Adhesive Bookbinding, and so, following the instructions for Coptic Binding I have produced my first attempt. The instructions are so detailed that at times I wondered if they made the whole process more complicated than it need be.
I find I learn best from a combination of someone showing me and then having quiet time to work it out for myself. Having said that I think the book is excellent and plan to get my own copy at some point. The cover is a piece of material I decorated with a faux mineral effect described by Liz Mann in Embroidery Magazine many years ago; for those of you who remember that was before they changed the magazine and cut out techniques for a more art based approach.Perhaps I should try the magazine again as my interests have moved on, but I'm still a sucker for a new technique!


  1. What a beautiful book Jackie. The fabric is perfect and reminds me of those old books you used to be able to get with paisley(ish) patterns on them. If this is a first attempt at this type of binding, wow!

    I've just started reading your blog regularly and am blown away by some of the beautiful things you've created - keep posting!

  2. Wow that is most gorgeous--cover and stitching--that's one stitch that kinda skeers me because it looks so twangly for old fingers to try :}

    How 'bout a mini tute for that technique my dear for that fab cover???

  3. Hello Jackie,

    I just love your work, its amazing :)

    I am a textile designer from India, a weaver proffessionally. but also love to embroider in my spare time. Am yet to set up a blog. will send you a link whenever I do.


  4. Thats a great looking book and a good way to avoid all that inside binding. Just 2 covers and as many pages as you want. I will try it sometime.

  5. The books looking good! I would definitely say that some of keith smiths instructions are more complicated than they need to be! So well done for sussing it out :) And if you have the time then his books are a gold mine...


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