Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is it a bag or a book?

Here is an idea of what to do with those important birthday cards that you just can’t bear to throw away. I bound my cards into a book to remember a ‘special’ birthday. I used the carrier bag that one of my presents came in and a ribbon off another present to decorate the cover
I pasted in pieces of old envelopes to hold a series of postcards which I received,and stitched in the cards as separate signatures.
On one page I stitched the wrappers from some very posh chocolates which came from Denmark.

Of course you have to have friends and family to give you the nice cards and presents first.


  1. What a fantastic idea!

  2. thats an interesting idea for an altered book!

  3. What a wonderful idea, I have all the christmas and birthday cards from my husband since we met, I must give it a go. thank you

  4. Aha! You've been away. welcome back. Its nice to make a souvenir of yout travels..I haven't travelled this summer..just trying to sort something out but not hopeful.

  5. I love those wrapper flowers, and your banner is the best! Makes me want to tear into my lace pile right now!


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