Saturday, July 29, 2006

Embroidery Unit

After ages I decided to have a go with my embroidery unit on the Pfaff 7570. It has been interesting and less frustrating than in the past, probably because I now know at least a little about computers. I'm not able to sew out the Maxi stitches however I try to balance them. There used to be no problem. All the other stitches are fine. As you see I made some flat felt and worked a few Peruvian birds which I autotraced with the help of FlutterWhumper Pro. I am sure the whole process is much simplified with newer programmes. I will work into this with more free machining and some hand stitching when the inspiration strikes.


  1. I hope you will continue to share your work on this piece as I will be very interested in your process.

  2. I too have been using my embroidery unit the past couple of days, however, your piece looks a lot more interesting. Will be interested in seeing what you do with this.

  3. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Did you use an embellisher on the background fabric first?? I am working with some white fabrics at the moment and you have inspired me to use my embroidery unit again on embellished fabric.. Thanks for the inspiration, much appreciated.
    Maggie H.


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