Saturday, July 22, 2006


Just to show that I have done some batik with my new wax pot. I treated myself to it with the money from a few items I sold at a craft fair. I have used Jacquard Dye & Flow fabric paint on a silk background. Completed it has a beaded edge and tiny tassels on the bottom corners. The base fabric is from a Chinese silk blouse that was always too uncomfortable to wear; I know its very fashionable now to recycle. I worked into the image with a gold pen from Paperchase.


  1. What lovely work! I have never managed to produce a batik that I could then bear to stitch into, so I'm very impressed by that and your recycling prowess as well. What sort of wax pot did you get - a proper one? I bought one designed for helping remove unwanted hair and now it's been commandeered by my daughter....

  2. This is interesting. I particularly like the colors you chose.

  3. Wax pots seem to be very expensive but I managed to find a mini sized slow cooker in a local shop (for about a quarter of the price) which I use very successfully.


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