Saturday, November 07, 2015

Rainy days.

I have continued this week with this slightly mindless project of finding scraps of fabric from various past interests of the moment and then sewing them together into a patchwork. Not altogether mindless as I have tried to keep to a basic colour way and to give some consideration as to how they are placed.

 I managed to avoid the urge to get out the sewing machine and so far have sewed them together all by hand, which is quite relaxing in itself. Bits of fabric which have long been discarded experiments are proving interesting and useful.

 Procion dyeing, thickened dye, stamping, block printing, machine embroidery, thermofax screens, to name a few of the phases I remember.A perfect project for dark rainy days in November.


  1. Lovely combinations

  2. Jackie, i can't believe this is all hand stitching. The stitches look so neat and evenly spaced that i thought they were machine sewn. I am really eager to see the bigger quilt.This looks like the perfect project for cozy days inside :)

  3. Great idea for showing off those discarded projects, Jackie. They go together well! Looking forward to seeing your progression. Love the stitched Christmas tree!
    Barbara xx


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