Saturday, November 21, 2015

Curved seams.

The time has come to make use of the curved seam experiments which I made a long time ago inspired by the generous Alicia Merrett  who shared her method. I am pleased with how they fit in as a border.

I have kept working at my ‘scrap’ patchwork and am liking both the results and the process. It is satisfying to be making use of some the fabric pieces which have been waiting for a purpose for a long time and the whole process of putting them together by hand is a nice steady occupation.

 Also I am seeing bits in a new light and liking some of my past failures. 

I am having to dig deep now and having to get more random with the colours as I run out of greens. By the way, influenced by my long ago patch working I have been sure to wash all the fabric first.


  1. Love the progress of this piece. Will you be sharing any more details on the curved seams?

  2. Such pretty colours, Jackie!

    I've never tried curved seams so Alicia's videos were very useful to me - thank you!

    It is exciting to see all your fabrics coming together, and I am sure your finished piece will look stunning!

    Barbara xx


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