Friday, July 10, 2015


Somehow I had missed the fact that Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn produced another DVD last year, this one ‘In Motion’ is about ‘free machining’, and it strongly features using dissolvable fabrics which I used at one time but largely lost interest in. I can say that the types of fabrics have moved on since I initially used them and I could be tempted to have another go; but as you must know I am easily tempted. I was disappointed there is so little about machining on paper, I suppose I was looking for a few ideas I had not tried.

One technique which I used many years ago was distorting loose weave fabric such as scrim, like drawn thread work, but using the sewing machine. I have samples of this in my file, but this DVD inspired me to have another go.  I used the technique shown by Jean Littlejohn and then coloured the fabric in the way she shows, but I have to admit to having thrown out most of my fabric paints (they were in a bad way) so I got out the acrylic inks. As suggested the colours are much subdued when the work dries.

I then machined some lines inspired by my view onto silk organdie. I then layered the two pieces onto white felt and needle felted round the edges. The piece is not entirely successful but I will certainly try this effect again as I like the dimensional effect it gives.

 So why did I frame it and hang it up, which is something I hardly ever do, well just because I was in the mood! 


  1. Good distortion. I like the way you experiment very much!

  2. The coloured piece is on scrim (?)
    And the one with the black machine lines is on silk ...
    Looks quite interesting !


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