Saturday, July 18, 2015

Distort again

I decided to have another go at the idea of distorting scrim, like 'drawn thread' work with the sewing machine.I worked using this sketch as a guide:

This time I worked on a piece of calico rather than silk.

I then distorted the scrim and painted it with acrylic inks.

You work on damp kitchen roll and the colours are much less strong as the scrim dries. I wondered if the edges of the calico together with the scrim would needlefelt onto the white felt backing, so I did a sample piece and it worked fine.

It looks quite flat in a photo but in fact the needlefelting makes the piece dimensional and quite interesting.


  1. You are very adventurous! Thank you for sharing. And I love your sketch as Well. Do you always make a sketch?

  2. I viewed your most interesting photos Jackie - fabulous. Excitingly adventurous with texture. Creative embroidery indeed- a gal after my own heart, so much to explore/depict, so little time. Back to my quilting.

  3. Lovely! What an interesting approach.

  4. I've enjoyed catching up on a great variety of work here, love the layering with the sketching & scrim & so sorry to have missed your birthday giveaway. a very belated happy birthday!


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