Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tale of a Tree

I was excited to receive my first digitally printed fabric last week. I had thought of using ‘Fingerprint’, Laura Kempshall’s business for some time, but could never find the template to upload a photo, when I did the process was straight forward. It only took a week to arrive and was nicely wrapped with tissue using their fingerprint logo.

I have made two cushions with the fat quarters and another with a fabric which I block printed.

The tree image started with doodles of Klimt’s patterns, progressed to a journal, a print block and then to a basic repeat design. 

I have to thank Margaret Applin for getting me started; if you take a look at her blog you will see how she successfully develops her design work into digital patterns.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Those fabrics have turned out beautifully. I love the combination of colours.

  2. A great reminder as to why I need to doodle more in a journal rather than of little scraps of paper that get tossed out! The prints are lovely Jackie

  3. For those of us seemingly stuck in a permanent creative rut your endeavours are a source of inspiration.I love how your finished design evolved from a doodle... and your printed fabric looks wonderful made up in to the cushions !

    1. Thank you. I am sure there is a lot to be said for the creative rut, or sticking to ones furrow, that is the way to get perfection.I have no choice really as I just get carried away with the next excitement.

  4. Tjese came put amazing. Love your doodle/drawing progression too. xox

  5. I like the results...but I'm still very attached to wooden blocks at the minute!! :-o


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