Friday, March 06, 2015

More Trees

More block printing, there are some amazing examples on the Facebook page for the class, this is a closed group but I think Jen is going to post a selection on her blog at some point as she is planning a new class to start soon. Some people are obviously experts at making clothes and smart bags and are combining their new skills with those they already have to produce great results.

Lined and quilted.

I pursued the tree theme and also made a block inspired by some African patterns to try an all over print, which almost joined up! I used MooCarve which I would recommend.

 The pouch bag I have just made is probably my favourite, I should have planned out the print placement first but I just printed the fabric and then thought what to do with it. I used felt as a backing and lined it. It has a nice squashy feel now that it is free machined around some of the trees.

 I’m also trying out pattern making on the computer so here I made a repeat pattern on paper.

Welcome to those who have just joined the blog; I would 'pop' round to say hello, but I can never work out who the new followers are on the list.


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Wow, these are spectacular. So graphic. I love them.

  2. Love the African look to your fabrics. Wish I had the time to try out all of these amazing techniques. Hugs mrs A.


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