Friday, February 06, 2015

Block Printing continued.

I continued with my enthusiasm for block printing this week and also made three small bags.

I am pleased that some of you have found Jen Hewett’s work and are similarly enthused.

The source for my two tree blocks, inspired originally from Klimt paintings.

Quilted and made into a small bag.

 Many thanks to those of you who have recently bought my blurb book.


  1. inspiring! love the red under print! I looked at Jan Hewett's work and then I had to order some blank tea towels so I can print on them!

  2. I love your printing & I've really enjoyed catching up with your lovely black & white work & mark making, thanks for all the interesting links, too.

  3. gorgeous work - I love your block printing!

  4. Lovely days with beautiful photos!


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