Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fabric painting.

I have been painting some fabric pieces recently to demonstrate to a group  with which I work. I haven't done it for some time, I usually use acrylic paint for this but this time I had access to some fabric paint, which does leave the fabric much softer rather than using acrylic without any added textile medium.

The middle piece now has some added layers of monoprinting. It is hard not to get attached to ones’ layers but worth keeping adding more marks.Thanks to Alisa Burke from whose dvd I first learned this technique.

It is also difficult to cut up pieces but I wanted to show how pieces can be used together, particularly if they are unified by colours or marks used.

Over on the Sketchbook Challenge blog the theme is Trees for October, take a look.


  1. This is wonderful, I love the exciting mix of color pattern & text. I don't mind the ripping up of the paper or fabric, either, you can achieve so many different combinations.

  2. Inspiring. Great ideas.

  3. I have never tried painting with acrylics Jackie. The colours are gorgeous and the textures.


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