Friday, March 21, 2014

Gelli Plate and letters.

I have a rather nice alphabet set of wooden type which I bought via Etsy, I had the idea of using them with the Gelli Plate and had some fun with them. I just used them to give a graffiti like impression and was pleased with the results.

Starting to print.

After adding layers of white and then a metallic.

I took photographs and then printed one onto two pieces of TAP paper prior to ironing onto fabric.

 I liked it enough to make it into a small banner hanging. The metallic paint came out as a sort of orangey colour, but I thought it looked Ok, rather like one of those faded posters or walls one sees.

I also printed crops from the photos as small cards and made envelopes with some of the prints.

Over on Sketchbook Challenge this months’ theme has been warm and cool; why not take a look or join in.


  1. love these! great use of those letters and numbers.

  2. ...just ordered myself one of those Gelli plates.... I need to set about the rollers on my press.... some serious printing can commence!!

    Your experiments have inspired me Jackie :-)

  3. Love all these too. How can I have been so busy that I missed these great posts ...?

  4. Now why didn't I think of that! Fabulous :)


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