Monday, February 10, 2014

'Paper Play'

Next Saturday I will be leading a workshop with a group of local calligraphers and we will be making decorative papers.

 I have needed to practise some of the processes which can get a little boring; the workshop is called ‘Paper Play’ and repeating things is no longer play, so I decided just to play and made a brown paper piece which I then machined to newspaper.

 I wetted the newspaper and rubbed it away in places before adding some paint. I then ironed the whole onto a piece of grey interfacing. I thought I would try ironing on some foil which I presumed would stick where the interfacing was peeping through.

 You can see that the foil attached where the little dots of glue are on the interfacing, so I was pleased. Did you think I had painted all those dots individually?  So play was resumed.


  1. I am absolutely with you on playing. There is nothing like it for enjoyment and practice. I spent the morning playing with things for a current sketchbook in the little studio of a like-minded friend. What more could I want?

  2. I also believe play is important to being an artist. when it becomes a job, it makes it harder to achieve beauty. Love your textured piece

  3. looking great - playing is my mantra too - Dale


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