Friday, April 26, 2013

New Bag for my Kindle.

First I tried Bubble Jet Set, then it was Ink Aid, now I am too old or too lazy for either and I decided to go for the printable fabric option. Now I must say that I think Ink Aid is excellent and have had good results when printing my photos or other work onto fabric, but the printable sheets are so easy and go through the printer without one having to hold ones breath and without all the careful coating of the fabric first, and even better there is no waiting involved. OK, I admit I am plain lazy. The fabric I used was non-washable cotton and it is quite thin.

I decided to print a couple of my Gelatine prints onto fabric to make a new cover for my Kindle. Firstly I had to rephotograph them as the ipad photos are in low resolution, ideal for the computer, but not ideal for printing. I then manipulated the colours a little on the computer. I did a draft print and decided to change the setting to black and white for the image with words. I also put my name into the print using a Photoshop brush.

 The book I took the pages from was given as a school prize in 1891 so I do not think there are any copyright issues.

 The tag on the side is useful and matches the lining but I have to admit it was probably not the best choice colour wise.Material left over from when I did my 'Noughts and Crosses' workshop.

 I quilted the lining as I have a slight mark on my Kindle screen where I dropped it and don’t want any more accidents (that is if I fall out of bed again!)  My execution is not perfect but I like it and it will be useful.

I must let you know that I will now be posting at least once a month to the Sketchbook Challenge Group, as Sue Bleiweiss kindly asked me to join the SC team. This month’s theme is Spirals.


  1. Love your bag - especially the toadstools, ferns and fruit which seem to be lurking half-hidden in the undergrowth.
    Reminds me I must try gelatine printing sometime soon.

  2. Excellent! You have got me making gelatine prints, now, thank you!

  3. This is very very nice! I've used that print fabric before too, it is quite thin isnt it? I wonder if any other brands are more hardwearing? Still, looks great!

    1. Yes, convenient but on the whole Ink Aid is a better option. Good luck with the felt bracelet experiments.


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