Monday, January 07, 2013

Paste Papers

In preparation for a couple of groups I have had another go at ways of making traditional paste papers.

 For the recipe I returned to  instructions on Lili's book binding blog 

 I also researched on the internet and found an interesting Martha Stewart video with the book binder Sage Reynolds; his recipe for the paste is slightly more complicated using alum and acrylic varnish. I would say the main tip is to do your best to get rid of lumps; in Sage Reynolds method the paper is brushed over completely with the paste before mark making and this really shows up the stray lumps, as he had the patience to strain his paste first he probably got rid of them

 Certainly next time I will take far more care to do away with the lumps. A link to historical examples of paste papers used in book binding is on the University of Washington site.

I tried stamping into the paste, but did not find that as satisfying, but it could be appropriate to a particular theme. Making these papers is quite addictive,so have plenty of paper and space ready.
The fascinating thing is how the paper dries sucking the paste in and leaving three dimensional marks.

I read a book which mentions printing over acrylic papers and I had to have a go just for the heck of it. My trusty printer coped well as I held my breath.

I made a layer on the computer and printed the pebbles out onto the paste paper.

If you would like to see some intricate paste papers and examples of beautiful folded books you can find them here on Anna Mavromatis' blog.


  1. Great, great work! I'd find it hard to choose a favourite.

    I've never tried this technique but now I'll follow the links and study it a bit. Thanks, Jackie!

  2. Great papers. And thanks for Lily's tutorial. I hope to do more of this soon. Your digital printing on paste paper is wonderful!

  3. Looks interesting so off to follow the links also. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Those bowls are simply stunning. Love your paste papers, I'm making a wonderful mess with monoprinting - I finaly made a gelatine plate ;)I shall go back to that link on paste & bookbinding, too, thanks for that. You really have stuck to your neutral colors!

  5. Hello Julie. I too have been thinking about making some paste papers - ever since using a totally gorgeous sheet Fiona made in one of our 13 envelopes. Thanks for the tips. MUST add that your new header photograph is stunning :-)


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