Monday, January 14, 2013

Paste Paper Notions

I have been enjoying myself using the paste papers I made last week in various ways in order to
try to inspire my two groups.

I made a little flag book, of course on each ‘flag’ you could put something different. I played with the idea of putting some instructions for making the paper but didn't get that far.

The covered box was popular, and so I decided to get out my pattern for making a folded box and was pleased when it worked.

 I could in fact be tempted to make lots of these, but at the moment I have run out of paper. I will have to make some more next week, so that will be good.

A book which is sewn onto cords, in this case cable ties.

A simple folded book which we are going to make into a ‘Little Book of Resolutions’.
Finally here is a picture for all those experiencing heat waves at the moment. Snow in the UK..


  1. Those little boxes are wonderful !
    And snow in the UK looks fantastic .... missing it as we are having a little heat wave in Canada!
    Last week a friend of mine, living in Newfoundland, watched 70 cm of snow fall there ! Now it has reduced by half.
    Lovely photo !

  2. Beautiful paper, beautiful books and boxes!

  3. lovely new header image Jackie. Those boxes look so beautifully made and those books with the flags are lovely. Nice to make something out of the papers.

  4. Have just found - and joined - your lovely blog. It all looks fascinating and full of ideas. I will explore!

  5. Your paste papers are wonderful, and I love what you've done with them!! Definitely something I'll have to try. Best wishes

  6. I love your new header too, very beautiful! And instructions on paste-paper making would be greatly appreciated, if you ever come around to it.


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