Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is it finished?

This is a piece related to the rabbit skeleton that I keep working on and may well be finished now. 

It is really tactile as are most of these embellished pieces. I may well add some more shiny thread to get the idea of light shining on the bones. I know they look like trees too.

 Here is a linkto the post about the drawings and original sketchbook print which I did.

I enjoyed my trip to the Knit and Stitch Show despite a very long journey, due to problems with signalling on the railway and having to stand on the way back. Don’t you sometimes regret the loss of the old fashioned manners; standing in First Class with all the business men sitting I know I did!
I’ll tell you more about my purchases and what I particularly enjoyed next time.


  1. I do love this piece of work you have created. It is sometimes very difficult to know when something is finished. Glad you enjoyed the knit and stitch show, how awful to have to stand all the way back. jayne x

  2. I love how this piece looks and it's been great to see you working through all the process's from the very start.


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