Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hand stitch itch.

I can answer my own question now, no, it wasn't finished. Posting a photo on-line helped me to see how ‘flat’ it looked and that combined with an itch to hand stitch meant that I have added areas of hand stitch and worked them into the background by using the embellisher and free machining.

Now I have to decide whether to work further on the light areas which I will probably do.
At the Knit and Stitch Show I particularly enjoyed the work of the Material Space Group in their exhibition 'In Touch'. Take a look at their website and the work of the individual artists. I liked the delicate bark scrolls by Jane Neals and on looking at her piece 'lost language' I am amazed that we had similar ideas, even to the use of red looped thread for  lettering. Nothing is ever truly unique, all we can hope is that we each add a personal touch here and there. I think the sculptural work using old teabags is definitely the definitive use of them. I wonder who first had the ‘aha’ moment when looking at the discarded bags. 
 I was lucky enough to just walk round a corner and come across the work of Fiona Rainford whose felt work I have long admired on Flickr and even better got to chat to her.
 In the 62 Group marquee Louise Baldwin said ‘hello’ and told me that she has shown lots of students what she considers my way of making felt and I told her how I often tell  people of how she persisted ‘like  a  Rottweiler’  to get me to experiment with the Embellisher.


  1. I'm loving your rabbit bones, the depth at which you're working thru the pieces. Enjoyed your comments on the K&S show, it was great to have the chance to be there myself. I lost 'The Art of the needle' before we moved in 99 & had to pay the library fine but was delighted to find it when we unpacked 18m later!

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog! I am a painter/sculptor who has finally realized that my needlework is not "other", but an intrinsic part of my art. Being in the very early stages of nurturing this happy discovery, I am so happy at the wealth of kindred spirits out there who are willing to share their thoughts, techniques, images, inspirations, and uniqueness...


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