Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stitch Interval.

A little bit of hand stitch for a change.
Variegated thread is so useful.

I want to share a link to Noela Mills' blog. She is a visual artist working in Queensland, Australia and her blog entitled WABISABIART features her interest in Wabisabi, finding beauty in the old, worn, rusted and patched. I am paticularly taken by her artists' books, as I think you will be,paticularly if you have not seen them before. It is also worth following some of her links to some of the interesting work being done by Australian artists.


  1. Something so relaxing about hand stitching gives the mind time to wander. Thanks for the link, I shall head over th.ere now. xox Corrine

  2. Nice work i love hand stitching very theraputic........x

  3. Thanks for the link to WABISABIART, gorgeous work.Love your colours and stitching.Im just rediscovering my embroidery and enjoy the rythym of stitch.

  4. Wonderful to be able to make calm stitches here as well as the exciting fm graffiti stitching below, somthing for each mood ;)

    I was so caught up in Wabisabiart that I forgot to comment yesterday! I'd seen her collage before, during the Collage Exchange thing but the rest was just wonderful. Thank you.

  5. so lovely. amazing how a little stitchin' can change the whole look of things.


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