Saturday, November 19, 2011

On with the Throw.

I am continuing with finishing the throw along the lines of Alisa Burke’s Free Motion
Graffiti class. It now has a blue backing, which was nearly fleece but then I found quite a heavy suiting material which feels like wool but is a polyester blend.

 I decided that the best way forward was to ‘tie’ the three layers together; which I have now done and am sewing on the binding. So this week it could be finished. I could have gone on with the free machining for weeks but decided enough was probably enough.

I have just bought some jewellery as presents from an Etsy seller in Holland. I can’t tell you more about it as I don’t want to spoil the Christmas surprise for the recipients, but I want to tell you that not only is it unique and lovely, but also thoughtfully and beautifully packaged. I found out about    from another blog but can’t unfortunately remember whose.

If I have not got back to new followers or people who kindly left comments it is most likely down to the vagaries of Blogger.


  1. Love how this is developing. I'm especially crazy about your circles at the top.

  2. I am lovng this free wheeling piece as it develops. The tying just adds dimension. xox Corrine

  3. This is a great piece--so free-wheeling. Very exciting. Love the free-motion stitching. I can see how the problem would be when to stop.
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Yes me too really enjoying these images ...bought a book by Alisha Burke its got some good projects in it ...that was after you recommended her so thanks ...x

  5. This looks great, if I made a quilt I'd definitely tie it, if I wasn't glueing it...wonderful colors.

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Very eye catching, and great free motion embroidery.


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