Friday, September 30, 2011

The paste papers dried nicely, almost their best property being how nice they feel.

I wanted them to use for the spine cover of the two books I intended to make from the For Sale board.

 I have to show the sewing cradle as usual just to prove to my son that his efforts in making it were worthwhile. By looking at some other sites showing paste papers I moved on to draw into some of them, and on one that I didn't like particularly I used a string block to make an additional pattern. It improved so much that I put a piece on the front of my sketchbook. Another thing that came to me this week was to use a stamp pad with a string block; it works well. No doubt some of you think this is a pretty obvious idea anyway.

I like the new lightbox feature on blogger, and there seem to be a number of updates in the pipeline, but I do wish they would sort out the commenting problems. Sometimes it takes me ages to make a comment, and often I have to start all over again, which makes it easy to give up at times.Well I've now discovered that the Lightbox feature has been scrapped as it broke a number of blogs. Shame, I was in the minority who thought it worked well. It does make one a bit unsure about trying any of the other new features just in case all is lost.

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