Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoes,paper, and a Chinook

This display of shoes is part of the permanent display at The Link Gallery, Winchester. I thought that it was a perfect fit with the theme of ‘HerStory’.
Don’t forget that if you are in the area the exhibition continues until July 8th.Scroll down for details if you missed the previous posts.

Today I went to the hackwood art festival which is a biannual event; this year held in a marquee in a lovely setting, and with the chance to stroll enviously around the hosts’ garden. As usual there was a range of workshops led by exhibiting artists. I chose to go to the ‘painting with paper pulp’ workshop run by Anita Bell. I think it says a great deal about the area in which I live that I was the only participant. Lucky for me, but a lost opportunity for others. There were lots of inspiring samples to look at, suggestions for books to read about the subject, and, of course, individual attention for me.The festival continues on 26th June, so if you are in Hampshire check out the website for details.

I have made paper before, but never done any pulp painting or made a bowl, which I had the chance to do today. Needless to say, another creative pursuit that I will not be able to resist. Fortunately I already have all the equipment needed, except for the turkey baster!

When I got home I nearly drove head on into a large tanker coming down the lane leading to my garage, which I did think was strange, and stranger still to see a Chinook in the field behind my house. It had attracted quite a crowd, who were all ushered away as it prepared for take off. I think the pilot may not get any dinner tonight.(Correction,I am informed,by he who knows best, that this was a planned stop to coincide with Armed Forces Day).


  1. l love the sound of Chinook's..think it is a combination of watching *M*A*S*H on tv and the Vietnam war> Also l am a service brat so just love planes! wish l had been there to see it in your back field!Haxlynda

  2. Wow! That must have been a fantastic site. I'm going to try the slide show that you gave the link for in your previous post. Thank you!


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