Saturday, June 11, 2011

Private View

Here are some photos of the Private View for ‘HerStory’; I was impressed with both the work and the professional way in which it was displayed.

I was especially pleased that the organizers listened to me and took the trouble to construct a wall case so that people can take out my artist’s book and look through it; so much more appropriate than putting it in a display case.

It was good to be able to discuss the work with a few of the artists, and to know more of the back story, which helped the pieces to come to life.

This year there were no constraints on dimensions, and this produced a wider variety of media used, textiles, ceramic, prints, paintings, jewellery and the indefinable!


  1. i'm green - what a wonderful exhibition to attend. fibre art is my first love - its so tactile, you can do so much more with the material you use to make art - mmm

  2. love this exhibition..wish l could actually see it. Your work is great as usualxx Fibre art is also my first art!lyndax

  3. just realised you are in hampshire..where abouts and how long is this exhibition open for?xxx


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