Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stroud Part 1

I feel that I really didn’t do justice to the Stroud Textile Festival as I was only able to get there on the last weekend but here are a few photos of the work I saw.
In the Lansdown Hall and Gallery the work of Corinne Gradis and Elodie Watanabe was on show. Initially inspired by a herring bone motif on an African cloth and basketry motifs their work was both intricate and eye catching. There was also a mouth watering display of textile related books by The Chrome Yellow Bookstall. I resisted, because like many I know I can get books so much cheaper on line; which is a shame but true.

The South West Textile Group was showing in the Subscription Rooms with the theme Talisman. They obviously enjoy their textile work and were extremely welcoming and ready to describe every step and dyed thread used. They reminded me of myself when someone shows some interest in a piece I am trying to sell on a craft stall.

The students from Somerset College shared design briefs to produce their very professional pieces.

 I was interested in the piece below as I am attending a workshop based on fabric manipulation in the summer.

In the Museum in the Park was a collection of work by some well known artists, some of whose work, like that of Tilleke Schwarz, I have only seen before in magazines. Sorry no photos. I particularly liked some of the small pieces of slate and stone held together by stitch, shown by Clyde Olliver.There was a large wall displaying a thread and pin installation by Debbie Smyth whose work I have seen before at Origin. The amount of work and detail is breathtaking.Here is a video of her working.
Also interesting was the work of Jessica Turrell who uses vitreos enamel to make what are decribed as veils of word; I was fascinated by the text and the shadows cast by the pieces.

What I most missed seeing was the open studio of Matthew Harris, whose work I really admire. Here is a link to his website, if you have not seen it before.

The Flickr Response Project (VS) will be exhibiting at MadLab Manchester from 3rd to 16th June;here are details of the exhibition entitiled 'User Generated Content'.
Most importantly Sarah of Guerilla Embroidery would like people to know that this is only the first venture, if you want to take part you may still do so and there will be more exciting projects to follow.
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  1. What beautiful work! It must have been inspiring to have some time to view and appreciate! Thanks for taking us on a tour with you!

  2. I'm so green, I'd love to have visited it myself. Maybe next year. Thank you so much for mentioning Clyde Oliver, I saw his work at the Knit and Stitch so, spent 15 minutes drawing and admiring it and then forgot to write his name down!

  3. Wonderful exhibition, I'm green too ;)Hadn't heard of Matthew Harris, love his work.

    Your Guerilla piece looks great as do your textures below - were they from the louise baldwin classes? Mmmmm...


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