Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rare Bird

Trying to be good and contribute to the groups’ bird theme, I decided to subscribe to Spirit Cloth’s Patchwork Beasts video series. I admire her work,which is informed by her skills in illustration, and her general approach very much. Mine is I hope a humorous little bird. The videos can be watched at any time which is nice if you just want to dip in and out. I had made some sketches for a series of funny birds, but I doubt this is going to happen.

I have a new lens for my camera which is something I have wanted for a long time but it is proving a steep learning curve. There is a danger of becoming distracted with reading about how to take pictures, particularly on the net, rather than actually taking them, which I am sure is the way forward.

On Friday I am off to Cirencester with a plan to visit the Stroud Textile Fair on Saturday, which should be good as it was interesting and very varied last year.

 By the way,I can highly recommend DMTV which is excellent, great entertainment, informative and with plenty of new content added regularly.  Instead of a binding on this piece, I have followed their instructions for adding a tidy facing.I dithered for some time about treating myself to a subscription but I think I am hooked now.

If you want a laugh on a Sunday morning, picture this, I am back from last nights Hen do, partying with a group of beautiful young Polish girls, all dressed as Pirates complete with parrots, and then there was me with my plastic cutlass - a rare sight!


  1. Your bird is simple wonderful! I bet you had great fun with this :-)

  2. This rare bird is such fun! I really like what youve done with ought to post her on the SEW forum of Judes, am sure the others taking her workshops would love to see this little lady too....

  3. Such bright colours. He is a faboulous chap.

  4. A rare bird indeed! He's lovely ;)

  5. He's got so much personality and you've even captured his movement. Love him.

  6. This is great!! And I love your latest post too- so interesting


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