Monday, June 14, 2010

Where do you keep your Sharpies?

Melanie Testa is offering free tutorials this month and the first is this little pen/pencil case. As I had my recently dyed, stencilled material I was tempted to have a go. I don’t think I precisely followed her instructions but they are very clear.

I went to The British Museum last week to see the exhibition of Italian Renaissance Drawings, which I enjoyed very much, the only problem being that there is almost too much to take in during one visit. I bought the catalogue so I can study the work in my own time. A short walk from the museum is The Mary Ward Centre where I once did a felt making course, and have been back to many times since for the excellent vegetarian meals which are also really cheap by London prices.

Then onwards to the Gagosian Gallery to see the free exhibition ‘Picasso: The Mediterranean Years’; this is on until the end of August and is simply fabulous. I am slowly coming to understand his work and the pieces are stunningly presented. I have a catalogue from a charity shop of his work on clay, and here I was able to see some of the actual piece. The first exhibition ,which explains how drawing and the use of paper as a medium developed as a working tool for painters , was a good introduction to the Picasso exhibition. I particularly liked a set of drawings of a bull, which starts with a free outline of the animal and gradually works through the stages until a more classic drawing emerges.

This is for a laugh, in my drawing class last week the model was knitting throughout and it seemed a funny situation. So here is ' Woman with the Blue Knitting’.

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  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

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  2. love the blue knitter!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE your pencil case! I love the tie idea!!!! I think I will try that.

    Would love it if you'd post it to my fan page!!

  4. So fun. I have a deep love for sharpies in art, and I'm passing it on to my kids. When I let them use them, it's like I brought out the holy grail!
    This case is awesome. Must try.

  5. Lovely pencil case. I enjoy using sharpies too.

  6. love the blue knitting woman - it brought a big smile to my face!

  7. ha, love the blue knitting lady. all models should be able to knit!


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