Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I must admit that I have never really been inspired by the idea of journaling, I think because of recent times the shops have been full of ready made images and bits to stick on etc, and it all seems a bit too ready made and commercial. I came across Teesha Moore’s videos in which she generously shares her much more creative approach to journaling. I went through my books on Altered Art and found many examples of her work. I would recommend this as a fun occupation, particularly when it is too hot to do much, and , of course, there is the pleasure of buying lots of different pens to try out; also a good use for all the glossy Sunday Times supplements, with their wonderful colour spreads.

I found these three ladies in the Tapestry Room at the Vyne (National Trust).

Once you have your images, the fun can continue. I made some digital stamps using parts of the art work. I have printed some out to add to the journal.

Another idea is to print them out onto fabric using Ink Aid and add some stitching.

This was one of those strange experiences that you can’t quite explain; I bought an English/Chinese dictionary inscribed Hong Kong 1936 with the idea of using scraps in my work. I wanted the word ‘fruit’ translated into Chinese, and when looking for this a piece of hand written paper fell out of the book, with a biblical reference. I don’t know my bible well so it took some time to look it us and when I did it was exactly what I needed; ‘you are the Vine’ etc. Strange but true.


  1. I know what you mean about 'journalling' but this looks great! So strange about the quote...

    My preferred Sunday paper is the Telegraph - the colours are luscious and the paper just that little bit thicker ;-)

  2. wow, amazing about the dictionary. I love the colour of paper in old books.

  3. You have created some lovely work. I happened across the Teesha Moore's YouTube videos recently. They are helpful.


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