Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I thought the idea of leaves had come from nowhere particular, but had forgotten that I had been stitching some leaves in a sketch book over the past month. Here are some pics.

Some interesting shapes develop on the reverse of the page.

Anyone near The Hurst ,Tadley UK (0118 9812918) may be interested in coming along to three Saturday workshops to be run fortnightly on 12th June, 26th June and 10th July from 10-3pm.. The aim will be to learn how to design and make an embroidered panel using Ethnic textiles as inspiration with lots of creative fun along the way.


  1. Your leaves are lovely. The colours are gorgeous. I'm into stitching at the moment so these really appeal.

  2. I just love your leaves. (did you see my stitched maple for mothers day?)

    I wish I could do those workshops!

    Working hard on my postcards!erstga

  3. I love your idea of stitching objects like leaves! In fact, I think it's so brilliant, I linked to your post from my blog. You can see the story here: http://needlework.craftgossip.com/adding-objects-to-embroidery/2010/05/18/. Thank you so much for the excellent content you share.


  4. Lovely leaves! The reverse side is also interesting.

  5. oooooo leaves yes fantastic

  6. fabulous sketchbook pages


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