Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Paper and Fabric Samples

On the last session of Louise Baldwin’s course the theme was distressed paper. We had suggestions, one being machining a grid on the paper and then crumpling it before rubbing areas away. I first heard of this technique from Val Campbell- Harding and like to think she first came up with it. It is fun and you can try it on a variety of different papers to make an open grid. In fact one of the first pictures I posted was of a photo album which I made using this technique; with the open grid areas layered on top of a newspaper which I had picked up in China Town New York.

This sample is layered over a piece of woven fabric and generally distressed to the point where I have forgotten exactly what I did. There is some dyed wool in there and some metal pieces.

The second technique was Faux Chenille but using paper for the layers rather than the usual layers of material. You machine the layers and then cut through to the areas you choose to have showing. This sample was also covered in wax. It opens up like a book.

This is a tiny photo of the album I mentioned. The sky has some wonderful colours in between flurries of snow, and its difficult to get good photos today so this is an old photo. At least I feel that my photos have improved. My other excuse is that I have been in bed for two days with the lurgie. I can’t wait to have some energy again.


  1. I love both of your last two posts Jackie. I love playing with samples and techniques like this too. I hope you feel better soon, so you can play some more! Oh and I'm glad to see you still have that awesome header photo on your blog. I love it!

    Carolyn ♥

    ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog ... ends on Valentine's Day!

  2. Jackie, Just had a look at your photos on Flickr .. WOW. Truly inspirational. Do you know if Louise Baldwin is doing another course in London? Your work from her course really ticks my boxes! thanks. Lesley

  3. You are doing such interesting surface work, and a great blog!

  4. Amazing textures. Looks like a fun process.

  5. These are quite amazing. I would love to get my hands on them to feel all that texture!


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