Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Transfer Paints

This morning I am preparing for a short workshop as an introduction to the possibilities of using Transfer Paints.
Of course the first thing I need is a list- having been to a workshop without sponges for people to use and only being saved by good luck, i.e. they kept sponges for the children’s workshops in the same building, I am careful to make my list- it doesn’t always work !!

I worked some samples again and found I was getting into it – like any media, the more you experiment the better and more satisfying the results.

This is a detail of a fern leaf I transfer printed and then stitched. I've no idea where the real thing is; I think I must have 'sold' or rather 'given it away' at a craft fair.
Not many people at the workshop, but very enjoyable as they produced some really experimental work.
By the way, I've put a Followers widget on my blog; many thanks to those of you who come back and keep me blogging.


  1. I've just added myself to your list. Your work is wonderful and it's always a joy to visit your blog


  2. I have just sent you an email through etsy. I never got on with transfer paints, I could never make them subtle enough.

  3. Results of Jackie's heat transfer session with us can be seen on my blog.
    Thank you Jackie, as usual very informative and brilliant session.


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