Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snow Writing Graffiti

One of my new heroes is Alisa Burke whose work I have mentioned before. I liked her style because it is very much art based. I first came across her on The Quilting Arts website; it has quite a lot of information and every so often there are free promotional gifts if you register. Currently there is a free e-book about free motion quilting, which I was too busy to take up but which sounded worth having.

I think I mentioned before that I paid to download a video lesson by Alisa and these are the results of using her graffiti style using my snow writing symbols.


  1. These are fantastic!

  2. Oh Jackie these are LOVELY!! what a great way to incorporate painting and embroidery!!!!!!

  3. I have saved that ebook for when I have a chance to look at free motion quilting. Great cloth... what next?

  4. oh jackie these are great! will check out quilting arts website, really getting into patchworking...


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