Saturday, May 09, 2009

Red Coptic Bind

This is the second of the two books I have made recently using Coptic Bind. I have been motivated to get on and complete them because my son said he would ‘commission’ me to make them and reimburse me for the cost of the paper – that won’t happen but it was worth it for the motivation. As you can see I stencilled flowers on the inside of the cover in silver acrylic to co-ordinate with the lettering on the cover.
The bind on this second book was not as successful; I had some problems getting the front cover on firmly. I do like it though because of the embossed flower and the nice shade of red. I was lucky to be given a pack of paper samples at my drawing class which had just the right colour for the spine. The date inscribed inside is ‘99’ which I am sure must be 1899. I am on the look out for more interesting covers now; I have a couple on the shelf waiting for me to work on them.


  1. Hello Jackie,
    What a beautiful book cover,very Arts & Crafts.
    I do love the embossed flower design.

  2. Once you get started with these books, it's not hard to get addicted! Beautiful book, I really like the personal touch you added with the stencilling.


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